Pistarckle to Teach Theater Classes for Children, Adults in April


Pistarckle Theater will teach these theater classes during April at Pistarckle Theater, 4126 Anna’s Retreat, Tillett Gardens, St. Thomas.

Class: Stage Combat: “Slaps, Knaps & Sells”

Learn how the professionals never get hurt. Learn to portray a believable manifestation of physical action. Learn how to angle the action. No actual physical contact takes place

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Tuesday, April 4: 3:45 – 5 p.m. / Children ages 9 – 18 / $25 per class; limited class size

Improv Sketch Comedy

Learn how the pro’s do it. Make up a song on the spot. Make up a scene on the spot

Wednesday, April 5: 3:45 – 5 p.m./ Children ages 9 – 18/ $25 per class; limited class size

Audition Technique

The hardest part of acting is getting the job. Learn specific techniques and how to ‘seal a deal.’

Thursday, April 6: 3:50 – 5 p.m./ Children ages 9 – 18/ $25 per class; limited class size/ Adults ages 18+ years-old

For all three of the classes

Friday, April 7: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Class: Stage Combat: “Slaps, Knaps & Sells”

Friday, April 7: 8 – 9 p.m. Class: Improv Sketch Comedy

Friday, April 7: 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. Class: Audition Technique

Zach Schwartz will be the instructor for all classes. Schwartz recently appeared as King Arthur in “Spamalot” and in the last three BBQ films.

Visit the Pistarckle Theater Web site for more information on dates, fees and classes.

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