Virtue of the Week: Helpfulness


Helpfulness is being of service to others, doing thoughtful things that make a difference in their lives. Offer your help without waiting to be asked. Ask for help when you need it. When we help each other, we get more done. We make our lives easier.

You are practicing helpfulness when you:

Notice when someone needs help,

Advertising (skip)

Do a service without being asked,

Give people what they need, not always what they want,

Listen to someone who needs to talk,

Care for your own needs, and

Ask for help when you need it.


I am helpful. I look for ways to be of service. I care for others and myself. I look for helpful ways to make a difference.

The Family Connection was established in 2005 by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands as an early-childhood initiative. The mission of TFC is to strengthen the community child care and early education infrastructure in the USVI by building awareness of the importance of early learning and development for success and working with community agencies to promote quality care and education.

One of its efforts is the Virtues Project, an international initiative focused on building peaceful and caring communities.

The Source supports the Virtues Project. We will publish one of the virtues developed by the project each week.

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