At a meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday Dec. 7, the Finance Committee will review Y2K compliance, grant applications and two fiscal bills.
In a release from her office, Finance Committee Chair Lorraine Berry said she will ask five government officials to testify on the status of Y2K compliance. They are, Bernice Turnbull, Finance Commissioner, Director of Information and Technology roy McFarlane, Ira Mills, Management and Budget director, Amadeo Francis, director of the Public Finance Authority and Rudolph Krigger, special assistant to the governor.
Three federal grant applications will be considered. Two grants slated for the V.I. Energy amounting to $494,645 and a third grant for $59,871 scheduled for Planning and Natural Resources will also be considered. DPNR Commissioner Dean Plaskett has bee asked to testify on all three grants or send a representative to give testimony.
Of two bills under consideration one would authorize the government to satisfy loans, taxes and civil monetary judgements owed to individuals, firms, corporations and associations. The second would require that the post auditor review all bills and amendments that affect the government's revenues.

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