Two of the three men accused of killing St. Thomas jewelry story owner Larry Davis in 1998 have pleaded guilty to murder, while a third pleaded guilty to robbery, according to U.S. Attorney David Atkinson. Additionally, a fourth man has been arrested in Miami for his involvement in the case.
Devin Hodge, 20, and Irvine Hodge Jr., 22, pleaded guilty in St. Thomas District Court to first-degree murder and federal firearms violations. A third defendant, Jason Hull, 24, pleaded guilty to interfering with interstate commerce by robbery, Atkinson said.
The guilty pleas were taken by District Court Judge Thomas Moore on Wednesday and April 27 of last year. Atkinson said the guilty pleas, along with other proceedings in the case, were kept under seal by Moore until Wednesday when Lenne Blash, 21, was arrested in Miami.
The complaints charge that four armed, masked individuals entered Davis’ Emerald Lady jewelry store on May 8, 1998, ordered the people inside to lie on the floor and made one employee open the jewelry cases.
While the robbery was under way, Gwendolyn Rawlins, a security guard at the store, approached and was shot at several times. One bullet wounded her.
As the defendants fled the scene with $250,000 worth of goods, one stopped and shot Davis at point-blank range, killing him.
Atkinson said Devin Hodge and Irvine Hodge face life in prison under the federal firearms first-degree murder statute. Hull faces 20 years for interference with interstate commerce by robbery.
All three defendants are in custody pending a sentencing hearing, which has not been set.
Meanwhile, Atkinson said that Blash was arrested in Miami and charged with interference with interstate commerce by robbery.

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