May 9, 2001 – While it was a little early for lunch, Kentucky Fried Chicken hosted a press conference at 9 a.m. at the Windward Passage Holiday Inn Hotel on St. Thomas Tuesday to share the colonel's new secret.
No, not the world-famous seasoning recipe, which remains locked in a vault in Louisville, Ky.
Before television cameras, media personnel and government officials, KFC executives divulged the big news: Come May 14, the fast-food operation will be serving marinated chicken on St. Thomas and St. Croix.
Carlos Nunez, KFC senior marketing director director for the region encompassing Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Venezuela, described the coming ad blitz to promote the new product as "probably the largest media campaign in the islands' history."
Large enough, anyway, that the region's general manager, Mike Tattersfield, was there at the press conference, too.
Produced under the direction of Austin Advertising, the campaign's centerpiece is a TV commercial shot at Bluebeard's Beach that features local talent including Julian Baa of the Knight Quality Stations marketing department. There'll also be radio spots and print ads.
The new chicken will be look a lot like the old "original recipe" chicken, but the KFC officials said the meat will be juicier, having been steeped in the new KFC marinade, and the breading will be crispier. That means, they said, quoting the campaign slogan, it'll be "good to the bone."

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