Nov. 23, 2001 – Those echoes reverberating in the Sports and Fitness Center at the University of the Virgin Islands will soon be history, thanks to the installation of a concert-quality sound system.
Work is expected to begin in a couple of weeks on installing an acoustic paneling system on the walls and ceilings of the main arena. The project should take about 10 days to complete, according to UVI's athletic director, Peter Sauer.
"It should make the sound in the Sports and Fitness Center concert quality," Sauer said. Noting that the echo problem affected the sound quality of the first few performances held in the arena, he added, "It will make a huge difference."
The project is being funded under a $270,000 grant the U.S. Department of Interior awarded the university in August to improve the center. UVI will contribute $46,000 to the overall improvements, which also include installing hurricane shutters, enhancing the lighting and purchasing maintenance equipment. Some of funds were expended earlier to resurface the parking lot.

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