Aug. 22, 2002 – The Full Moon on August 22 is at the very end of Leo-Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon in the polarity of Leo-Aquarius this season, asking, "What is your role in the larger community?"
At the last New Moon, we heard a call for heroes to step forward. This call to leadership continues at the Moon's fullness. Mars, the planet of heroes, is still walking with the Sun as it crosses the zodiacal threshold into Virgo. At this cusp of Leo-Virgo shines the royal star, Regulus, traditionally associated with kings and queens, success and fame. Regulus is just now slipping across the line from Leo to Virgo at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Service becomes a more essential quality of leadership and that kingship is in the way we live our daily lives. The Pluto in Leo generation (1938-1956) is to take on power with open hearts and to share leadership with the get-the-job-done Pluto in Virgos (1957-1972). At this cusp, we also find the Sphinx, that creature with the Lion's body, the head of the Goddess and those elusive riddles. Those who know Earth mysteries can answer the riddles and will be crowned.
I am writing this in Boulder, Colo., at the Trident Café, a place where east meets west, where the delicate scent of green tea blends with the rich aroma of cappuccino. Neptune holds the trident in Greek mythology; in Hindu myth, it is Shiva. Both are gods of change. Images of transformation walk in the door. Today it is Virgo herself in the body of a woman wearing a pale lime linen skirt and a worn green army shirt. A yellow scarf is tied around her head. Her eyes twinkle behind her glasses with some secret inner knowing. I know she is Virgo because she carries tall stems of gladiolas on her shoulder. Most times the Virgo Earth goddess is pictured holding stalks of wheat or ears of corn, but today it is gladiolas in their statuesque midsummer glory. It was a striking image. Most people wearing military shirts would be carrying rifles on their shoulders rather than flowers.
We each have a cosmic role, which we may be aware of. Our lives mirror the mythic universe and we play our parts. More than any other sign, Leo is aware of the drama of life. Virgo tames the ego with a humble acceptance of our lack of perfection. Earth sign Virgo is in tune with the rhythms of earth, the cycle of the season, with a delicate sense of timing that conceives spirit in matter.
On the other side of the sky, the Full Moon is at the edge of Aquarius and Pisces, the cusp of the new age. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius joins with the Moon. The upper atmosphere is filled with spherical balls of light vibrating at increasingly higher frequenciess from the extraordinary solar flares that have been flashing our way. People born 1955-57, with Uranus in the late degrees of Leo, are among those especially experiencing an energetic shift right now with heightened emotions and dramatic moments. Express that heart energy! You are creating your lives anew. The potential is here for us all to do the same.
The Sabian symbol for 30 degrees Aquarius is:
This image is meant to evoke an ancient memory of sacred living. In the more current Rastafarian interpretation, Babylon represents the greedy power of the corrupt — the whore of Babylon who sells out to the highest bidder. The news these days is full of such corruption, stirring longings for traditional values based on spiritual truths.
Perhaps this Moon is asking us to bring forth and embody the spirit in our lives, thus playing our royal role in the cosmic drama. In little ways each day we walk in a new world.
M. Kelley Hunter, Astro-consultant and mythologist
PO Box 37, St. John, USVI 00831
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