For crying out loud, the absurdity of this decision leads me to believe that the politicians are truly missing the point here or simply don't care about stimulating the economy of the islands. How can we deny Caribbean Sun Airlines from registering as a foreign corporation doing business in the Virgin Islands solely on the basis that their name is too similar to that of Sun Airways and Caribbean Airlines Acquisitions? Give the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands some credit, this is not an island of uneducated illiterate people who can't read and or comprehend the English language. Let's not mention the fact that our politicians are also basing their decision on lack of historical relationships with Caribbean Sun Airlines. For me, the response is simple and obvious if you are not familiar with this company, then research its contributions to the islands that are receptive to their business. Quantify these contributions in comparison to our own so-called resident airlines. How do they stack up? At the end of the day the obvious decision would be to stop nitpicking and do something that will ultimately be in the interest of influx of dollars into the economy.
B. Jackson (Cruzan)
Washington, D.C.

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