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Senator Russell Releases 2003 Year End Report
Jan. 14, 2004 – Senator Ronald E. Russell, Chairperson of the Education and Youth Committee, presented his 2003 Year End Report in a radio broadcast on Tuesday, January 13, 2004.
The report describes the activities and initiatives of his Senate office and the Committee on Education and Youth, which he chairs. This is not the first time that Russell has opened the operations of his office to the public. "I value honesty, transparency, integrity and professionalism and I have brought these characteristics into the performance of my duties in the Legislature," said Senator Russell. "I have produced and made available to the public three quarterly "Russell Reports" which outline the activities of my committee and office".
The 2003 Year End Report details eight bills sponsored by Senator Russell and 21 of his drafting requests that are pending in the Senate Office of Legal Counsel. It also outlines the scope of the Education and Youth committee meetings that were held, resolutions, public meetings, town meetings, special appearances, conferences attended, special projects, essays and his projections for 2004.
"The 2003 Year End report will be distributed throughout the community. In addition I have taped a video version of the report which will be shown on the Government Access channel 6 on cable television throughout this holiday weekend, January 18, 19 and 20th," stated Senator Russell. Senator Russell urged residents to view the telecast and call his office at (340) 712-2321 to obtain copies of the Russell Reports and the 2003 Year End Report.

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