Jan. 23, 2004 – As the first semester draws to a close and the second soon to begin, Education Commissioner Dr. Noreen Michael offers the following guides for parents toward ensuring positive school experiences for students:
1. Talk with your children.
2. Listen to your children.
3. Know exactly how your children are doing in school. If you find out that they are having academic or other problems, don't wait to be contacted by the school. Take the initiative by making an appointment to discuss the problem with the teacher or administrator.
4. Read with your children.
5. Have your children read to you.
6. Listen as your children tell you about what they have read.
7. Provide a wide variety of reading materials in your home. If you, yourself, read and have books, magazines and newspapers readily available, your children will see that reading is a source of pleasure and information.
8. Give your children books as presents.
9. Tempt them with paperbacks.
10. Get your children interested in the daily newspapers.
11. Join and utilize the free public library.
"With midterm exams fast approaching, it is important that parents note exactly what their children are doing in school," Michael said in a release. "Assist them with studying and preparing to take the tests. Familiarize yourself with the information or text your child is studying to help with pretest quizzes."
"Talk with your child's teachers prior to the tests so that you can know what areas require special attention. This can help you to help them prepare adequately," she added. "Set the stage for good study habits. Try to provide a quiet, well-lighted area for study, and make sure that it is comfortable and there is room for books and other study tools."

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