Dear Source,
Re: your article on the unused funds of the V.I. Dept. of Education to the tune of $32.9 million.
It shows how inept the department is in educating our population. While they clamor all the time about lack of funding, this is a clear case that they have no clue how to manage a budget. You would think that within the entire department, ONE person, would be tasked to keep tabs of these federal funds and the assurance that they are used in a timely basis.
Shame on these educators and their ultimate boss, who prior to being governor, was heading the Education Department. His ineptitude as education commissioner has followed him to Government House. The kind of people surrounding him have a very poor role model to emulate.
No wonder the Education Department (not the teachers), have failed the students of this territory … and no wonder we are in a constant financial crisis!
Guy Chandler
St. Croix

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