Feb. 1, 2004 — Early Sunday morning a Hispanic male was found stabbed to death in the parking lot of the John Thomas Funeral Home.
As of 6 a.m., there were no suspects or motives, and the victim had not been identified by police.
The victim is believed to be a national of the Dominican Republic.
The victim's vehicle was reportedly found on the road that runs behind the funeral home toward the Contant Carwash. A cell phone believed to be the victim's was found smashed to pieces on the main Contant road about 300 feet away.
Police were focusing their investigation on the area between where the body was found and where the vehicle, a four-door sedan, was apparently abandoned.
Police received the call around 4:15 a.m. Major crime detectives and forensic experts were dispatched to the scene. The body was removed around 6 a.m.
No further details were immediately available.

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