Community Alert: RLS Hospital Phone System Having Problems

Jan. 21, 2004- The Roy Lester Schneider Hospital is experiencing technical difficulties with the upgrade of its phone system.
According to a Friday press release, "problems with the phone and voicemail system have caused problems in leaving messages and delays in the hospital's ability to respond to incoming calls in a timely manner."
The hospital automated attendant system that answers and routes calls is operating properly, alleviating the need to go through an operator at the switchboard, according to the release. However, some residents may still experience delays in getting through to their desired party. If you are calling regarding an urgent patient care issue and cannot get through to your desired party, please call the hospital operator and ask to have your party paged.
Both the hospital and Innovative Telephone are working diligently to solve this issue and appreciate the public's patience during this phone upgrade, according to the release.

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