FYI: Richards Pleased With Work at Cancryn

Feb. 3, 2005 – Lieutenant Governor Vargrave Richards today met with stakeholders at Addelita Cancryn Junior High School to follow up on the status of repairs at the physical plant and address concerns about the procurement of books to replace those that were destroyed by fire.
"As I assured the faculty, staff, students and parents of Addelita Cancryn Junior High on Jan. 20th, I am keeping tabs on the progress of work at their school to ensure that goals are realized," Lieutenant Governor Richards said after taking a firsthand tour of the facility.
This morning, the Lieutenant Governor toured the Cancryn campus accompanied by School Principal Yvonne Pilgrim, American Federation of Teachers Building Representative Leba Ola-Niyi, and Louis Hughes, Director of Maintenance for the V.I. Department of Education. As they walked, the Lieutenant Governor took note of roof repairs and condition of the grounds. "I am extremely pleased with the level of work that has been completed to date," Lieutenant Governor Richards said.
In response to questions from personnel regarding the provision of school books, the Lieutenant Governor expressed his sense of urgency and has received assurances that Addelita Concern's claim will be processed expeditiously. The Lieutenant Governor indicated that he has met with insurance adjusters and conveyed his displeasure with the amount of time it has taken to deliver money for the purchase of books lost in the fire.
"The adjusters assured me that they have given the principal the go-ahead for the procurement of those books," Lieutenant Governor Richards said. "It is critical that the books and supplies be purchased immediately in order that the students may carry on with their education."
Additionally, Lieutenant Governor Richards noted that an architect is presently working on drawings for the reconstruction of Cancryn's fire-damaged wing and should complete them shortly.
The Lieutenant Governor thanked Education Commissioner Noreen Michael for her prompt response as well as Commissioner Wayne Callwood of Public Works and Commissioner Marc Biggs of Property and Procurement for their immediate attention to the Addelita Cancryn Junior High.
"I especially thank Mr. Hughes, who has been at the campus every day since my meeting with them last month, and he has done a yeoman's job ensuring that general maintenance is done,"" Lieutenant Governor Richards said. "I am pleased to date with the quantity and quality of work and the fulfillment of short-term goals. We continue to strive to address the long-term goals, and it is our aim to sustain the general upkeep of the physical plant."

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