Economic Issues Are Topics for Committee

Feb. 15, 2005 -Government capital projects status, job market strengths and weaknesses, farm assistance programs, and tourism growth by district are among the topics to be discussed Wednesday at the Committee on Economic Development, Planning and Environmental Protection chaired by Sen. Neville A. James.
According to a press release from James, the meeting will take place at 9 a.m. in the Legislative Conference Room in Frederiksted.
The release added that James intends to scrutinize the progress and receive a definite timetable on each capital project in the works in the territory. He explained, "Many capital projects, especially those in St. Croix, have been languishing for years." The senator cited the Mid-Land road project, the Christiansted bypass, island-wide road repair and the Frederiksted renovations. "I want to put on record where we are now and when these projects will be completed," James said.
Also on the agenda is the status of employment. James will accept testimony to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the local job market.Increasing the economic viability of farming will be investigated through testimony by the Commissioner of Agriculture. "The farmers are challenged, some do not even have enough water for their crops," said James in his release. "We have to put a system in place to allow these entrepreneurs to make a decent living."
The viability of an Agriculture Authority will also be discussed.
Residents can tune into the meeting via the government radio 102.9 FM. The meeting will be tape-delayed and aired on Cable Channel 5 in St. Croix at a later date.

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