Tree Boas Are Found in St. Thomas' West, Too

Dear Source,
I used to own and live at Nisky No. 36. My cat would find tree boas in the dirt under the back porch. She would bring them onto the back porch and leave them as a "present" to me. When she caught a mouse she would eat the stomach and leave the rest as a "present." If the tree boa was dead it went into the garbage bin. If it was alive and unharmed I would release it on the hillside west of the house. On occasions when I have had to go under the back porch to check the water pumps, I have seen them. Knowing that they were federally protected, I never disturbed them. The East End is where they are more plentiful but they are not limited to that area.
Jack M. Monsanto
Hilton Head, S.C.

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