Former Resident Encourages St. Croix Parent Protest

Dear Source,
Right on, for St. Croix parents.
As an alumni of St. Croix Central High School and a product of the St. Croix public School system, I am upset and disappointed by how the government is handling the education system on St. Croix.
Every year millions of dollars are being returned to the mainland, dollars that are intended to be used for education and renovations to the schools. The money is returned with the implication that we don't need it.
We need it, and nobody in the educational department or on the governor's staff or even the governor himself, seems to notice.
What are they doing to the youth, the future? This is America and we need to start giving the Virgin Island children an American education. We need our schools to be equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, books, etc.
Let's work together on this, St. Croix. Let us make the government start giving the schools what they deserve.
Formerly of St. Croix
Now residing in Connecticut

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