DOL Reminds Employers of Maintenance of Employee Records

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March 15, 2005 – The Commissioner of Labor, Cecil R. Benjamin reminds all Virgin Islands employers of the Title 24 Chapter 1 subsection 14 of the Virgin Islands Code which deals with Fair Labor Standards and openly states "Every employer shall make, and keep for a period of not less than three years, in or about the premises wherein any employee is employed, a record of the name, address, and occupation of each of his employees, the rate of pay, and the amount paid each pay period to each such employee, the hours worked each day and each week by such employee. Such records shall be open for inspection or transcription by the Commissioner or an authorized employee at any reasonable time. Every such employer shall furnish to the Commissioner or an authorized employee on demand a certified transcript of the required information from the records kept pursuant to the provisions of this chapter."
Employers are reminded to adhere to all Virgin Islands labor laws as they relate to your company. For further information please contact the Virgin Islands Department of Labor, Division of Labor Relations on St. Croix at 692-9686 and on St. Thomas at 776-3700.

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