Community Alert: WAPA Urges Water Customers to Conserve

April 14, 2005 – Due to extended drought conditions, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority is asking that St. John potable water customers make efforts to conserve water. In order to prevent the need for water rationing in the near future, the authority has issued a list of suggestions.
1. Plan ahead to defrost foods overnight in the refrigerator. Don’t use running water. Use the microwave or put wrapped food in a bowl of cold water.
2. Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth or shave. Turn the faucet on briefly to rinse. An electric razors saves the most water.
3. Wash only full loads.
4. Keep showers under five minutes; turn off the water to soap up.
For more information, read "St. John Faces Water Shortages".

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