The Good Hope School Announces Honor Rolls

Jan. 31, 2006 – Working within the rigorous academic guidelines of a strong core curriculum as well as the Advanced Placement and Honors courses, 47 Good Hope students in the upper and middle schools achieved honors this past semester. Maintaining a 3.0 average with no grade below a B-, the Honor Roll students are
Seniors: Astia Lebron, Jake Monokian, Delicia Van Gurp, Diamond Bishop, Niles LaCoss, Keena Fleming, Jordan Reuck, Jahlisa Maragh, Alisha Udhwani and Ivyliss Davis:
Juniors: Shantel Simmons, Osama Yusef, Leah Ferdschneider, Fabien Tobierre, Jessica Matos, Thomas Stroud, Bobby Thompson, Edward White and Kai Nielsen;
Sophomores: Cory Bishop, Carlos Davalillo, Chahney Hinds, Mary Cromwell, Stephanie Thompson and Leah Guthrie;
Freshmen: David Dawiskiba, Julia Julien and Lauren Lewis;
8th Graders: Josephine Buckley, Ashleé Douglas, Cerella Gónzalez, Kristian Fennessy, Theo Mongeau and Kevin Timothy;
7th Graders: Jasmin Buckley, Eric Guzmán, Emmett Hansen III, Krystal Hurtault, Roberto Lebron and Nyasia Santiago; and
6th Graders: Alex Julien, Rafael López, Bryson Mays, Eliza Mongeau, Gloria Morales, Michelle Robbins and Celine Subnaik.
Students on the High Honor Roll maintained a 4.0 average with no grade below an A- and are: Seniors: Sofia Mitchell and Kyle Fleming, Junior: Patrice Bramble, Sophomore: Jennifer Nelthropp, and 6th Graders: Kelley Newman and Zoe Petievich.
Please join the Good Hope School community in congratulating these students for their hard work and diligence.

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