Prosser's Empiric Incompetence

Dear Source:
Obviously Mr. Prosser is spending a fortune on his legal team as he traipses through the courts both here and on the mainland while so little money is spent on improving the quality of his local services here.
After two incidences when my Vitelco bill was paid by check and put into the drop box and lost in its fathomless depths, I started paying my bill directly through Banco Popular. For the SECOND month in a row those payments have only been credited to my account after I faxed the cancelled check to the Business Office. Nobody I have spoken to in the Business Office has a clue why this is happening and, in fact, seem less than interested.
As the court battles churn along, Prosser's Empire continues to deteriorate, residents are held hostage by his local media monopoly and the PSC apparently sits back like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.
Anna Clarke
St Thomas

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