Rian Bareuther Will Attend Leadership Conference

June 17, 2006 – Rian Bareuther, an 11th grade student at Antilles School, has been selected to participate in the National Student Leadership Conference in Engineering, at the University of California at Berkeley, from June 18 to 28. This leadership development program is for outstanding high school students. While attending the NSLC, Bareuther will have the opportunity to study, experience and develop the skills and traits that define and identify a leader.
Approximately 8,000 gifted high school students from across the United States and from 45 countries around the world will find themselves immersed in a learning environment unlike any they have ever experienced. Students develop their abilities to think on their feet, to engage in critical analysis, and to communicate effectively—skills that will serve them well as leaders in high school, college and throughout their lives. The NSLC mission is to identify and recognize outstanding young leaders from around the world and to provide them with a unique learning environment that encourages academic achievement and also diversity, cooperation and social responsibility.
"Students develop a sense of independence and responsibility," said Dr. Paul M. Lisneck, the NSLC director of academics. "They leave with a true feeling of accomplishment and confidence in their ability to handle the challenges that lie ahead."
Rian is the son of Carol Bareuther, RD, a nutritionist with the VI WIC Program, and Dean L. Barnes, an assistant attorney general with the Virgin Islands Department of Justice, Division of Paternity and Child Support.

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