FYI: Sen. Berry Announces Remedial Mold Removal

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June 29, 2006 – Senate President Lorraine L. Berry announced today that remedial mold removal has commenced at Frederiksted Legislative Complex.
Berry reported that under the oversight of Laurence E. Bryan,Jr.,
Executive Director of the Legislature and his assistant James McNamara, the first phase is to resurface and waterproof the roof; and that work has started on Building #2, with 95% of the old roof coating removed, following which it will be cleaned and waterproofed by July 6, 2006.
Berry stated that she was further advised that work on Building #3 should begin on or about June 29, 2006, when the contractor, Rooftops, Inc., will begin grinding away the old roof coating. Berry said she was
further informed that waterproofing of the entire roof of the Legislative Complex should be completed July 21, 2006. The Senate President stated that she is confident that Mr. Bryan and his assistant, Mr. McNamara, will carry out her commitment to accommodate employees by arranging to minimize noise and dust exposure, integral in this kind of refurbishment.
In conclusion Berry stated, "We ask for the understanding of our employees and the entire community during this period in implementing these necessary repairs," and if further changes are required to insure the health and well-being of the staff and employees, she will not hesitate to immediately implement any essential protective measures.

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