A Father Wants Justice for His Son

Dear Source:
On Memorial Day Weekend 2001 my son, Aaron Houle, went to the U. S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas to see if he could get a job in the jewelry trade. My wife sensed something wasn't right, but I told her this was a U.S. Territory and they had the same laws we have and he would be fine.
When the weekend was over, I came home to find the news on my answering machine. My son was dead. He had died of an Oxycodone overdose on the island.
The truth then started to come out. The real reason my son went to St.Thomas was to be a mule and bring a significant amount of tablets home. Oxycodone at up to 40 dollars a tablet on the black market would more than pay for his trip that he thought his so called friend was paying.
It seems there was one doctor more than willing to write the prescription. A person claiming to be the doctor in question called my sons girlfriend and told her my son had stolen his prescription pad.
Under the advice of my lawyer I told my story to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Using undercover agents they caught this Doctor writing bad prescriptions without legitimate medical purposes 170 times.
In September of 2003 Dr. Paul Maynard was indicted on 170 counts. To this day he is allowed to practice medicine and the trial keeps getting rescheduled to a later date.
In my opinion Dr. Paul Maynard isn't any better than a street " crack dealer." Why he isn't doing 20 years in prison is beyond me.
That he is still allowed to practice medicine that is disgusting.
How would you feel if this had happened to your son? Just a father wanting justice.
Timothy Houle

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