Brief: Meeting on Universal Health Insurance Bill Postponed

July 12, 2006 – Sen. Craig Barshinger, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Hospitals, & Human Services, has postponed Thursday's committee meeting to evaluate the Post Auditor's report on the Mutual Employer Trust, known as the "Universal Health Insurance for Employed Persons" bill.
In a release issued Wednesday, Barshinger noted that the auditor's report was not yet complete.
Since being introduced in January, the bill has been the subject of intense scrutiny. According to the release, three amendments were made to the bill in June. "One of the notable amendments was the addition of 'Extreme Assistance,' which guarantees by subsidy that no business will go out of business due to the expense of insuring its employees," the release stated.
Barshinger additionally affirmed his support for the bill, stating, "We cannot stop good legislation just because it is an election season. If a bill is good for the territory, it should keep moving."

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