A Response to Mr. Fontaine's Letter

Dear Source:

I am sorry if I upset Mr. Fontaine. I have only visited the Virgin Islands several times and have another visit planned in the fall. I personally love the islands, and have enjoyed my stays. But I have never lived there. All I know about the islands is what I read about in this publication. Calling me names only shows Mr. Fontaine's own racial bias. I merely had some questions. I can't speak to what is going on in the Virgin Islands. I dare say, I doubt if Mr. Fontaine can either. And calling me names is rather childish in my opinion. As far as Mr. Fontaine's claim that the Virgin Islands can be self-sustaining, I doubt if any place can be totally self-sustaining in today's global market, including the USA. Does Mr. Fontane want the islands to be isolationists. This will never work.
I was glad though that my letter enticed someone living in the islands to respond (re: Mr. Devine's letter). I appreciate his candid and informed comments, and would welcome comments from other Virgin Islanders. Thank you Mr. Devine.

Tony Mueller
Bel Air, Md.

Editor's note: We welcome and encourage readers to keep the dialogue going by responding to Source commentary. Letters should be e-mailed with name and place of residence to source@viaccess.net.

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