What Is the Point of Brooks' Paid Leave

Dear Source:
What is the point to this paid leave business? If this employee was as belligerent as reported and refused to show up for work why is the Governor prolonging it? In any normal work situation when an employee doesn't' want to work the employer complies and lets them go. The action the Governor took was like suspending a kid from school who didn't want to go anyway or sending an out of control kid to their room where they have all the pleasures and no consequences for their out of control behavior. Who is this person that they should be paid for no work? There are numerous reports and still he is sent home with pay?
The schools are suffering from lack of maintenance and you have the person who is in charge of this or who has quite a bit to do with these activities and you would take the time to deal with him with kid gloves?
Wow and you wonder why when the children who are able to make it through the educational system as it is want to leave the island why? Really Confused.

Joyce Cameron
Frederiksted, St. Croix

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