FYI: Christensen Joins Colleagues in Commemoration of 9-11

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Sept. 11, 2006 – Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen will join her colleagues in a commemoration of the five-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on America at a bi-partisan, bi-cameral ceremony on the East Front of the Capitol on Monday evening.
"This is a solemn moment and a day of remembrance. And I pay tribute and honor to those who died including our own Master Sgt. Maudlyn White, who died while on duty that day at the Pentagon," Christensen said. "I am also remembering our brave soldiers in the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and National Guard who like their fellow Americans answered the call of their country to fight the war on terrorism." Christensen noted that several of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice and we are proud of their service to our territory and to the nation as a whole."
Christensen also recalled those who helped by donations to the Red Cross and providing vacations in the territory to weary New York firefighters. "Our people were a valiant part of the nationwide response and as I serve as a member of the Committee on Homeland Security, I continue in the tradition of our service to ensure that our islands and our nation will remain safe."
"We are not where we should be in protecting all of the people of this great country five years later, but I pledge, with your help and support to continue to do all I can to change that," she concluded.

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