Notice of General Election

Election System of the Virgin Islands

In accordance with Title 18 section 551 Virgin Islands Code, Please be advised that the GENERAL ELECTION will be held on NOVEMBER 7, 2006.
Poll will be open at 7:00 A.M. and close at 7:00 P.M.
Polling Places are:

District of St.Thomas-St. John
Oswald Harris Court Community Center
Charlotte Amalie High School
Wiston Raymo Recreation Center
Dober Elementary School
Addelita Cancryn, Jr. High School
Curriculum Center (A-E;O-Z)
Joseph Gomez Elementary School (F-N)
Ivanna Eudora Kean High School
Joseph Sibilly Elementary School
Bertha C. Boschulte, Jr. High
Ulla F. Muller Elementary School
Gladys Abraham Elementary School
Julius E Sprauve School
Guy Benjamin Elementary School


Candidates to be on the OFFICIAL BALLOT are:
Delegate House of Representatives
1. Donna M. Christensen (Democrat)
2. Warren B. Mosler (Independent)

Office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor
1. John DeJongh/Gregory Francis(Democrat)
2. Kenneth Mapp/AlmandoRocky Liburd (Independent)
3. Adlah Foncie Donastorg/Dr. Cora Christian (Independent)
Senator At-Large
4. Craig W. Barshinger (Democrat)
5. Carmen M. Wesselhoft (ICM)
Senator, District St. Thomas-St. John
6. Lorelei Monsanto (Independent)
7. Shawn Michael Malone (Democrat)
8. Rev. Toi A. Barbel (Democrat)
9. Carlton Ital Dowe (Independent)
10. Ludrick Ludie Thomas (ICM)
11. Patrick Simeon Sprauve (Democrat)
12. Liston A Davis (ICM)
13. Norma Pickard-Samuel (Independent)
14. Alvin L. Williams (Democrat))
15. Horace T. Brooks (Democrat)
16. Basil Ottley, Jr. (Democrat)
17. Celestino A. White, Sr. (Independent)
18. Louis Patrick Hill (Democrat)
19. Leslie A. Smith, II (Independent)
20. Stephen Smokey Frett (Independent)
21. Ada Hodge (Independent)

Board of Elections, District of St. Thomas
1. Patricia Rogers (ICM)
2. Darien L. Wheatley (Independent)
3. Arturo Watlington, Jr.(Democrat))
4. Claudette A. Georges (Democrat)
5. George Blackhall (Republican)
6. Albion Lambertis (ICM)
7. Sydney Flax (ICM)

Board of Elections, Resident of St. John
John Abramson, Jr.
Supervisor of Elections

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