The New Governor

Dear Source:
Voters on the U.S. mainland recently came out in force in the mid-term elections, firmly trouncing the Bush regime and the Republican party's platform concerning not only numerous domestic issues (Social Security, education, religion, etc.) but of course the Iraq "war" and foreign policy in general. The Democrats now have rule in the Senate.
The voting here has been a microcosm of the mainland electoral vote and demonstrates the voting people's desire for change here in the Virgin Islands. There have been too many years of outright and often quite blatant graft and corruption, lack of fiscal responsibility, continual educational "mishaps," which have left the children of these islands bereft of a proper education.
Family services, the VIPD's inefficiency and lack of both manpower and supplies, the GERS system, our National Guard team being sent out to Iraq and Afghanistan to basically fight a war for a home country for whose President they can't even vote – the list is endless. As the House Democrats in the U.S. Senate have a very hard task ahead of them in trying to clean up a major mess even before next year's Presidential Election, so does the deJongh team.
I firmly urge that both Kenneth Mapp and Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, along with their supporters, work with the new administration to the extent that you not only understand what the voters are seeking via their vote but that you understand that change is both needed and necessary in order for the U.S. Virgin Islands to prosper.
Prosperity doesn't necessarily include new developments where money goes into pockets at the expense of our wonderful environment. Prosperity doesn't include putting your brother-in-law or whatever family member into a position for which he or she is unqualified. Nepotism has to be nipped in the bid.
Demand real performance from all government employees, toss out the teeth-sucking element and get rid of the slough-offs who do a bit of a job and then waste hours a day talking on their cellphones and then parking by the girlfriend yard for a couple of "afternoon delight" hours.
It ain't going to be easy, not on the mainland or right here. I don't envy John deJongh's team and there's no way that they can fix everything right away. I just hope that everyone will give them a chance and that the Mapp/Liburd team and the Donastorg/Christian team, along with both the old and new senators and those who missed out, will be able to mesh their thoughts and hopes to benefit all Virgin Islanders both past, present and future.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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