Holiday Wishes for the Military

Dec. 24, 2006 — As commander I extend holiday greetings to all, especially our veterans and members of the American Legion Post 90. I look forward to again joining and representing you in our advocacy efforts to honor our veterans who honorably have served and are serving our nation.
I extend greetings for those in the past who have passed on to our afterworld; I extend greetings to those who survived our recent historic challenges in our pursuit of world peace; and, I especially extend greetings to those who are serving our nation and other nations in our effort to share our better life examples in our pursuit of world peace.
Further, I extend the most urgent greetings to our leaders both in and of our nation and in and of our American Legion and other veterans' advocate organizations who are extending to the men and women in our armed forces, who are serving honorably and their families, and all the civilian supporters, made available these most honorable persons in the hopes that they will be successful in forging ahead our honest endeavors to pursue honorably a world peace to be shared by all.
May God bless our efforts and the efforts of others in our collective pursuit of world peace and please, dear God, extend special blessings to all who strive to meet one of your most cherished mandates: righteousness. All praise be to almighty God and God bless America. Happy holidays!
Krim M. Ballentine
Post Commander
Patrick U. George Post 90
St. Thomas, (US) Virgin Islands

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