Let Optimism Replace Turnbull's Tyranny

Dear Source:
Paul Devine's letter was brilliant and to the point, as usual. The vote to recall those senators who failed the populace so miserably started on St Croix and has now spread to St Thomas and St John. However, in an attempt to seriously demand a recall, a cohesive effort is in order, so could someone on St Thomas and St John let us know where registered voters can go to sign up for this drive? I'd be more than happy to have my voting business customers sign up for a recall petition of those self-serving morons if only I had the forms ready.
John deJongh and Greg Francis are such welcome fresh breaths of air, so let's all move ahead here. Unfortunately we have to right the outgoing wrongs (huge pay raises, outright criminals let out of jail) but ultimate results can all be accomplished as long as the people stick together and stay the course by remaining actively involved. The senatorial recall issue is legally dodgy but we can still speak out and let these "representatives of the people" know via our vote against them that we've simply had enough, that we're out for major change and we're just not going to accept the status quo of years past.
The outrageous pay raises can be dealt with by Governor John deJongh and his team via a circuitous route. The criminal pardoning is unfortunately, under our current legislation, a done deal, and although I concurred with a couple of the sentence commutations, the majority left me horrified. So, let's immediately change the letter of local law to ensure that such outright travesties won't happen ever again.
What was Governor Turnbull thinking? Thinking? The people elected a Governor who was a former Commisioner of Education who was a miserable failure in that position. He continued during his term to demonstrate his total inability to educate the children of the Virgin Islands.
But let's now please move ahead, give our wholehearted support to the new team and remain optimistic that, finally, good changes will come.
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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