Why Buy Used Transformers?

Dear Source:
I was just wondering why in the world did the VI Water and Power Authority bought used Transformers from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority rather than trying to purchase new transformers. I can only hope that whoever was involved in the purchase of these transformers did their research to find out why the transformers were replaced by the Puerto Rico Company. For example, the age of these transformers, were they operating without any problems etc? The reason why I would have preferred WAPA to buy new transformers even though it would have cost them more is the fact that within a couple of years these transformers from Puerto Rico could cost the utility more problems. It is almost like buying a used car sometimes you are lucky to find one that last you a long time and other times you may find one that gives you trouble from the start. Just my curiosity. I see this too often in the Virgin Islands.
Kurt A. Estrill
Miami-Dade County, Fla.

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