Thank You

Dear Source:
As the first, and hopefully the last, recreational fisherman imprisoned in the BVI, I would like to express my appreciation to Governor John deJongh and the various members of his cabinet and staff and all the others who worked to obtain my release from Balsam Ghut Prison. I also want to thank all the people of the USVI who offered their support to my cause. My wife and I deeply appreciate all the calls, letters, emails and donations. We know that we will never know everyone who helped, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate all that was done. The outpouring of support from our friends and total strangers was overwhelming. I have done my best to contact each and every person who helped.
In addition to those who aided in obtaining my release I also want to thank those who came to my wife's aid and made sure that she had all the assistance she needed in order to deal with this situation. As to those persons who opposed my position, I also thank you for offering your opinion. This diversity offered all of us to see both sides of the issue and to appreciate how lucky we all are to live in a society where opposing views can be offered openly.
Richard Baker
St. Thomas

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