Property Taxes vs. Budget Balancing

Dear Source:
Looking into the opinion filed June 28th, 2004 with the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, No. 03-2549, the district court found that the V.I.'s method of assessing property tax was in violation of federal law, because it did not "reliably" determine the "actual" value of the properties. The V.I. government did not dispute this factual finding.
I believe this statement is as true today as it was then. There are hundreds of cases to support this claim. Does the V.I. government want to over-tax it's citizens first and then, case by case re-evaluate them? Absurd!
I have a suggestion; first go out and find all delinquent taxes outstanding, that should net a great deal of money, I've heard in the neighborhood of 50 million, with interest. Then look at how the V.I. government should curtail "pork barrel" spending.
The government shouldn't create cash flow on the backs of it's citizens before finding other ways to balance it's budgets and should not spend money it doesn't have before giving itself raises, undeserved, and further driving GERS into a deeper hole than it's in.
George Hollander
St. John

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