Looking Ahead and Dealing with the Past

Dear Source:
Referring to the article written by Bill Kossler (Senate Minority Caucus: PSC, Sound Asleep Regarding Prosser, Feb. 13, 2008), Senator Hills' statement made me uncomfortable once more. His statement, and I quote from the article, "I think the time for such action has passed and we need to look ahead", in and of itself has a positive meaning. Who doesn't think that "looking ahead" isn't positive. But it's the same statement made, when one doesn't want to look into the past, a past riddled with un-answered questions.
About a month ago, the governor was on the program called "free speech". Someone called in to ask him about what he was going to do about "act 6905", he gave the same answer, in not so many words. "I want to look forward, not back ward, act 6905 is in the past"! Act 6905 has many unanswered questions. One of those questions you don't hear much about is the pension package to ex-governor Turnbull and his Lt. Governor. Those last minutes, gave them a million dollar pension. Something like that has to be addressed. How do you serve 8 years at one salary and two minutes at the end of your administration, the legislature votes to double your salary and theirs, thereby, giving you (and the Senators when they retire) that higher rate of pension. How do you reap those rewards, how does two minutes allow you to get that raise, astounding. And, lets not forget all the other parts of act 6905, and act that will not go away!
I like Governor De Jongh, I believe he's going to create positive things during his administration, but I also believe, there's much to be answered for in the past.
We ask for and are promised transparency in government during elections, but get clever answers later, to hide agreements made in the back room. These and many other questions need to be answered.
The same needs to be addressed to the PSC Senator Hill, but that's another letter!
George Hollander
St. John

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