Soccer Game Scores for Both Regions, Schedule of Games Given for Next Sunday

Both the St. Thomas and St. Croix Regions resumed the 2016 portion of the 2015-16 soccer games on Sunday, Jan. 10, at Lionel Roberts Stadium and the Drive Inn, respectively. Schedule of games set for nest Sunday, Jan. 17, given.
St. Croix Region Men League 2015/2016 3rd Round
Week end scores
Match – 50
Prankton 1 and Free Will 4

Shawn Nero – 1

Jahidi Gussie 1 Dwayne Thomas – 1
Keithroy Richards 1 Tito Delgardo 1
Match 51
Unique 5 and Rovers 1
Kelrick Walter -2

Bennie Labadie 1
Kevin Sheppard -2
Patrick Shannon -1
**Games were played at the Drive-Inn on Sunday
Next Games on Thursday, Jan. 14, at Education Complex Field
6:30 p.m. True Playerz vs Unique
8:30 p.m. Helenites vs FreeWill
St. Thomas Region Men’s League aggregate Knock out results
Sunday, Jan. 10, at Lionel Roberts Stadium
Waitikubuli 2 and Haitian Victory 0
Denison Etienne 2 (38th and 88th)
The Waitikubuli shocked the Victory who dominated possession but were unable to find the back of the net. The return match will be next Sunday, Jan. 17.
New Vibes 4 and Laraza 1
Urias Popo 1 (37th)
Jamy Blanc 1 (44th)
Chrystian Montenegro 1 (45+)
Brian Charlery 1 (48th)
The New Vibes took advantage of the undermanned Laraza. Missed opportunities by the New Vibes kept the scoreline decent. The return game will also be next Sunday, Jan. 17.
Thursday’s Schedule:
7 p.m. — Togetherness vs UWS

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