VIBE Holds New Member Orientation, Elects New Board

The Virgin Islands Board of Education (VIBE) convened its bi-annual New Member Orientation and Professional Development Workshops Jan. 19-21 at Sugar Bay Resort & Spa for the members and staff of the 18th V.I. Board of Education. During the orientation and workshops, board members and staff of VIBE were actively engaged in customer service, conflict resolution, sexual harassment, self-assessment and strategic planning seminars and workshops. Board members also worked on revising the its four-year strategic plan.

After the sessions, VIBE convened a board meeting and selected and installed new officers and conducted other necessary business. The new officers of the 18th Board of Education are: Winona A. Hendricks, chair; Arah C. Lockhart, vice-chair; and Judy M. Gomez, secretary.

Also, the board received a bequest in the amount of $450,000 from the Estate of Rehenia A. Gabriel to fund scholarships from Edwin Hatchette and attorney Karl Percell. The Rehenia A. Gabriel Scholarship will provide scholarships for students pursuing higher education in guidance counseling, school social work or psychology.

Finally, Hendricks advised that newly-elected board member James Provost has been designated by the board’s executive committee as the VIBE’s liaison for St. John residents.

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