GERS Seeks Volunteers for New Ambassador Program

The Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS) is now seeking volunteers to be a part of its new public education campaign entitled the GERS Ambassador Program. Through its participants, this initiative aims to keep active and retired members informed about any current or upcoming plans at the retirement system.

“It is our hope that our ambassadors will take the information given and share it with those around them,” said Administrator Nibbs. “Word of mouth is one benefit of living in a small community, so we would like to use that to our advantage by sharing accurate information.”

GERS will host two educational sessions to train and equip ambassadors with the tools necessary to carry out their function. The first session will be held in June and the second session in October.  The dates, times and locations for these sessions will be announced via press releases, social media and on the GERS Web site.  Members who sign up for the program will also be contacted directly.

Play a role in educating and empowering peers, family members and friends. Sign up to become an ambassador by calling the GERS office at 776-7703 ext. 4916 or 4203 by the deadline of June 7.

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