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Friday, March 23, 2018
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Virtue of the Week: Courtesy

Courtesy is being polite and having good manners. When you speak and act courteously, you give others a feeling of being valued and respected. Greet people pleasantly. Bring courtesy home.

Part 2 – Black Histories Month

We all know – or think we know – what we mean by 'black history.' But the black population of the U.S. is not monolithic, and as immigration continues, the differences become more pronounced.

Virtue of the Week: Forgiveness

Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have done something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Instead or revenge, make amends.

UVI Is Rising

UVI President David Hall, writes about a new film, “Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities.” The documentary is set to be screened, Monday, Feb. 19, on both UVI campuses to coincide with the national broadcast premiere of the documentary on PBS.

Three Simple Words: Black – History – Month

So let's step back and ask a basic question: What is the purpose of Black History Month? The three words should help us define that purpose.
Shaun Pennington

The Source Is – and Always Has Been – a Group Effort

Before I fade to grey only to pop up in living color somewhere else pursuing other life-long dreams, I have many people to acknowledge and thank for their contributions to the Source over the last two decades.
Elon Musk's cherry red Tesla convertible and a space-suited mannequin circle the Earth before heading out to deep space. (Photo from SPaceX)

Spaceman Rides in Style!

Amid all the trials and tribulations on Earth, I hope everyone got a chance to revel in last week's test launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. In a word – Awesome!

After the Hurricanes, It Is Time to Deal With the State of Health Care

Ruby Simmonds-Esannason, former V.I. senator, shares what she was planning to present to a V.I. Senate committee about the treatment of hospital evacuees after the hurricanes, some of whom died in the process.

A Virgin Islander Just Has Some Questions

Jezellia Sujanani has many age-old questions about the direction the territory is taking.

Virtue of the Week: Idealism

When you have ideals, you really care about what is right and meaningful in life. You follow your beliefs. You don't just accept things the way they are. You make a difference.





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