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Elections 2018

Alicia Barnes

What the Candidates Say: STX Senate – Alicia Barnes

To inform the community on where the candidates stand, the Source sent each senatorial candidate a questionnaire with questions on pressing issues for the...

2018 Early Voting in General Election Begins Oct. 15

The first day of early voting saw an overwhelming support of voters eager to cast their ballots.
Voters fill in their ballots at the Gladys Abraham Elementary School Polling site inside UVI's Sports and Fitness Center.

Board of Elections Requests Poll Watchers Be Assigned; Board Releases List of Polling Places

The Board of Elections requests that the respective party leaderships -- Democratic, Republican, ICM -- and Independent candidates taking part in the 2018 General Election submit a list of names for poll watchers and specify the polling place the poll watcher will be assigned.

Fawkes Schedules 2018 General Election Early Voting

The supervisor urges the elderly, individuals with disabilities and voters who are traveling to vote during early voting to avoid lines at the polling places. People must apply before Sept. 20 for any absentee ballot that will be mailed off island.

Free College Tuition Proposal Is Ill-timed Given GVI’s Huge Debt and Our Crumbling Infrastructure

The current annual UVI tuition cost is $4,631 per undergraduate student. For 1,700 students, the total tuition cost would be $7,872,700 per year.
Albert Bryan Jr. and Sen. Tregenza Roach

Bryan/Roach Platform Outlined Free College Tuition Earlier This Year

“The Bryan-Roach team believes that making higher education more accessible and affordable to our people is critical to improving the quality of life in our community,” said Bryan.
Sample ballot

Applications Now Available for Absentee Ballots

According to Virgin Islands law, the Move Act, absentee ballot applications are now available as of Sept. 11 through Sept. 20.
Albert Bryan

Parents Concerned About the Delayed School Openings

Albert Bryan Jr., who is a candidate for governor, says he is being inundated with calls from troubled parents and others about delayed openings of Virgin Islands' public school.
Albert Bryan Jr. and Sen. Tregenza Roach

Candidates Bryan and Roach Offer Plan to Save GERS

Candidates Bryan-Roach say they are the only team running for governor and lieutenant governor who are offering a well-researched plan for keeping the Government Employees Retirement System (GERS) viable.

Elections System Casts Lots for Ballot Position

The V.I. Elections System on Tuesday held the casting of lots to determine ballot positions for the November general election.





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