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Residents Urged to Prepare for Climate Change

A V.I. liaison for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration emphasized on Thursday how important an issue climate change is to Virgin Islanders.

Source Manager’s Journal: It’s Great Entertainment

In just over a year, a pathologically lying, bigoted, woefully ignorant reality television star has become the candidate for president of one of the two major parties of the most powerful country on earth.

A.G. Challenges Election’s Board Actions on Hansen, Ballot

A letter from V.I. Attorney General Claude Walker says the St. Croix Board of Elections acted improperly to remove former Sen. Alicia “Chucky” Hansen’s name from the ballot.

The Bookworm: ‘Unlock the Weird’

In a format meant for pick-up-and-put-down reading, this book features thousands of short facts, quick articles and tons of pictures that are entertaining, surprising and sometimes a little disgusting.

Undercurrents: Weather Drone Zeros in on Hurricanes

Forecasters rely on a wide range of tools to gather data for hurricanes but, until recently, the ultimate close-up view was possible only by sending a daring crew into the eye of the storm.

Firefighters Get Propane Emergency Training

Virgin Islands firefighters are receiving this week a 16-hour course on propane emergency response covering everything from emergency pre-planning to handling propane leaks to rescue procedures.

What’s In a Name? Chucky, By Any Other Name, Is Bad for the USVI

Whatever the court decides, whatever name she uses, "Chucky" should not be elected to serve in the Legislature again because she was a truly terrible senator who wreaked terrible, lasting damage on residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Zika Update: 50 More Cases Reported; Health Says Zika Action Day a Success

On Tuesday the V.I. Department of Health confirmed 50 new cases of Zika virus in the territory after confirming the same amount of cases last week. The number of cases went from 193 to 243.

Bureau of Corrections Progress Hearing Goes Well

V.I. Bureau of Corrections officials appeared for their quarterly status hearing for St. Thomas facilities on Friday, and Judge Curtis Gomez said he was "heartened" by the progress.

The Bookworm: Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson’s Fitting Friendship

Certainly this is book is a fan’s dream but it’s also one that pop culture followers will relish. And if that’s the kind of book you want now, then “Elizabeth and Michael” is what you need to get you.





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