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Open forum: Will Wisdom Prevail at the Sixth Constitutional Convention?

Verdel L. Petersen wonders if the Sixth Constitutional Convention, scheduled for the Nov. 5, 2024, will elect convention delegates who reflect on the history of previous conventions and avoid the mistakes of the past.

Sixth Constitutional Convention Elections Dates Set

Important dates for the Sixth Constitutional Convention were revealed by the Elections System of the Virgin Islands on Tuesday. The calendar outlines April dates for candidate nominations, May filing deadlines, processes for absentee ballots and early voting, voting machine testing, and the Nov. 5, 2024 General Election.

Constitutional Convention Glides Under Radar Toward 2024 Election

In a recent session of the 35th Legislature, crowded with honorarium bills, a non-descript amendment referring to some date changes in “Act 8681” was slipped onto a popular measure concerning veteran’s benefits, along with a couple of other unrelated items.

Senate Passes Adult Marijuana, Funds Constitutional Convention, Backs Off GERS Fight

The Senate, in a marathon session Thursday, debated funding a Sixth Constitutional Convention (it passed), suing the Government Employees Retirement System (It was withdrawn), and legalizing adult marijuana use (It was amended and sent to the governor).

A Sixth Constitutional Convention? Mmm, Not Now, Maybe Later

For all practical purposes, the legislative proposal to hold a sixth Constitutional Convention next year is dead, having been allowed to languish in committee until it's too late to implement.

Op-Ed: The Virgin Islands Must Plan for the 6th Constitutional Convention

In preparation for a sixth constitutional convention, Verdel L. Petersen’s role is to educate the public on three major topics: constitutional development, political status and self-determination. They are intertwined, but in this letter, she focuses on constitutional development.

Thorny Issues Line the Path to Possible Constitutional Convention

If there is a sixth Constitution Convention, it will face a challenge both clear and daunting: reconciling a desire to preserve traditional culture without running afoul of protections for individual rights, including those of "newcomers."

Committee Advances Bill Assembling the Sixth Constitutional Convention

Though five failed attempts precede it, the Government Operations and Consumer Affairs Committee forwarded legislation Wednesday in hopes of establishing a Sixth Constitutional Convention of the Virgin Islands for the purpose of drafting a U.S. Virgin Islands Constitution.

Prospect of Another Constitutional Convention Raises Concerns for Former Delegate

The Fifth Virgin Islands Constitutional Convention was not a success, and at least one delegate to that convention said she worries another such effort could be a waste of time.

Constitutional Convention Deadlocked

With the Oct. 31 deadline for resolving issues for the proposed V.I. Constitution, a 13-13 vote blocked approval of required changes to the document.

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