Steven van Beverhoudt, inspector general of the Virgin Islands, is about to get some long-needed help, but it may not be enough.
Gov. Charles W. Turnbull announced Friday his nomination of Susan L. Andrews to fill the post of deputy inspector general. The position has been vacant for almost five years.
Van Beverhoudt's agency has been severely understaffed, with at least six positions vacant, some for up to five years. But with the mandated 15 percent budget cuts, van Beverhoudt told St. Thomas Source he has had to eliminate three positions, leaving only 13 budgeted positions in the Bureau of Audit and Control — an all-time low.
In his release, Turnbull said that Andrews brings to the position a wealth of experience in auditing, accounting and management.
Andrews, a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner, has been auditor general for the Republic of Marshall Islands, a senior internal auditor for the Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Fla., internal audit manager for Monterrey and Napa Counties in California and a senior auditor for the well-known accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche.
Her nomination must be approved by the Legislature.
Van Beverhoudt will present his budget recommendations to the Finance Committee next Thursday.

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