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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Tue September 25, 2018 12:13 AM
Sen. Nereida Rivera-O'Reilly sponsored several of the bills approved in Friday's session. (Photo by Barry Leerdam, V.I. Legislature)

V.I. May ‘Ban the Box’ on Employee Police Records

V.I. employers will be prohibited from asking applicants to disclose information concerning an arrest that did not result in a conviction, or in which the conviction was dismissed or sealed, if legislation approved in committee Friday is enacted into law.
Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp said Tuesday in the government is looking at how to evacuate residents in the event of another major disaster, particularly the elderly and patients at the hospital.

Mapp Announces Partnership with Public Safety Support Foundation

The new law enforcement recruit class will be the first beneficiaries of the newly formed Public Safety Support Foundation five-year plan to provide technological...
WAPA Chief Operating Officer Clinton Hedrington. (File photo by Barry Leerdman, V.I. Legislature)

WAPA Board OKs Generators, Batteries for St. John

The Water and Power Authority board authorized the utility to negotiate a contract with Wartsila for emergency generators and battery storage system on St. John. The board took the action at its Thursday meeting.
From left: Rick White of AIG, Philip Roy of DPA, and Dave Marshall of Shear Construction field questions at a tenants association meeting at Bellevue Village.

AIG Reps Assure Tenants Repairs Are Ongoing

Representatives for the owner of three affordable housing communities met with tenants Tuesday and Wednesday to assure them that repairs from Hurricane Irma are ongoing and that rents were being adjusted to reflect damage.

VIPA Director’s No-Show Lays Bare Senate Divisions

The no-show of Virgin Islands Port Authority Director David Mapp at a Senate committee hearing Thursday led to a contentious exchange between lawmakers and barely-veiled accusations of cowing to the Mapp administration.

V.I. Raids Insurance Guaranty Fund, Repeals Ballot Photos

In what has become a periodic budgetary ritual, on Wednesday Senators voted to cut the cap of the Insurance Guaranty Fund from $50 million down to $10 million, to help balance the government's budget for next year.






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