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Legislature Corner

Legislature Corner: Plaskett and Graves Reintroduce Bill to Improve Federal Disaster Response

If passed, the Expediting Disaster Recovery Act will provide for a new funding stream for FEMA to provide the assistance necessary for meeting unmet needs in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

Legislature Corner: Plaskett and Molinaro Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Renew Farm to School Program

The bill would expand the Farm to School program for school-aged children by making significant investments, and it notably increases the funding for the program from $5 million to $10 million

Legislature Corner: Plaskett Applauds $22.4 Million Grant for Reconstruction of St. Croix Terminal

“A well-functioning and modern port infrastructure is essential to ensure the smooth flow of goods, support our economy and enhance the quality of life for our residents.”

Legislature Corner: More Needs to Be Done About Lead and Copper in St. Croix’s Potable Water

“Exposure to lead and copper in drinking water can cause a range of health problems, including stomach distress, brain damage, liver or kidney damage, and reproductive issues.”

Legislature Corner: Plaskett Makes Statement on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

“As an American and a member of Congress, I feel a strong responsibility to protect human rights, defend the innocent and uphold democracy worldwide."

Legislature Corner: Congresswoman Shares Thoughts on White House Funding Request, Advocates for Significant Humanitarian Aid

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett addresses the ongoing crisis in Israel and the Gaza region, emphasizing the imperative need for additional humanitarian relief to Palestinians following the White House request to Congress for $9.15 billion in supplemental U.S. humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and other needs.

Legislature Corner: Plaskett Introduces Resolution in House to Honor V.I. National Guard’s 50th Anniversary

to honor this important milestone, Congresswoman Plaskett introduced a resolution celebrating the service and sacrifice of all those who have served our territory.

Legislature Corner: Sen. Capehart Calls on EPA to Discuss Under investment in Water Infrastructure and Contamination

The St. Croix senator will host a platform for herself and colleagues to discuss the level of contamination, EPA’s strategy for public education, testing, mitigation, and its involvement with other local entities.

Legislature Corner: Senator Gittens Calls for Emergency Hearing on Water Crisis

Sen. Kenneth L. Gittens is calling for an emergency Committee of the Whole hearing on the St. Croix water crisis so that both the body and the community will have more information as to the extent of the problem and the response required.

Legislature Corner: Sen. Carrion Calls for State of Emergency to Address Water Crisis

Sen. Samuel Carrion reiterated the urgency of his concern for the people of St. Croix suffering from the water quality crisis and called for further action in the wake of Gov. Albert A. Bryan Jr.'s announcement of a "no drinking" advisory.

Legislature Corner: Sen. James Gives Updates on Economic Development and Agriculture Committee

Chairman Sen. Javan James updates the public on what has been happening with the Economic Development and Agriculture Committee.

Legislature Corner: Plaskett Issues Statement on Conditions in Israel and Gaza

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett shares her thoughts on the war in the Middle East and what the White House and Congress are doing to deal with the conflict and the humanitarian crisis.

Plaskett Releases Statement on Hamas Terrorist Attack

Congresswoman Stacey E. Plaskett released the following statement on the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

Legislature Corner: Blyden Secures Funding for Homelessness, Violent Crime, Behavioral Health and Youth Sports

Sen. Marvin Blyden was in a celebratory mood this week after the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2024 budget bills, as he cited major victories in securing funding for non-profit organizations that address critically important issues.

Plaskett Issues Statement on McCarthy’s Oust as Speaker of the Hours

“Yet again, the Republican Conference of the House has placed our chamber in a precarious position..."

Legislature Corner: Mitchell Motel Working Group Visits Unconscionable Site

Sen. Donna A. Frett-Gregory and a working group of government agencies visits Mitchell Motel to assess the progress on fixing the “horrific” conditions.

Open forum: Legislature Votes for Land Swap. Wisdom Has Prevailed!

Verdel L. Petersen writes: “In my opinion, it’s mind-boggling that anyone would be opposed to exchanging Whistling Cay, which is owned by the GVI, for a parcel of land managed by the NPS.”

Legislature Corner: Sen. Frett-Gregory Calls on Administration to Stand Up the Bureau of School Construction and Maintenance

Signed into law on April 25, 2023, and sponsored by Frett-Gregory, the Bureau of School Construction and Maintenance creates an entity responsible for school facilities and education related buildings.

Legislature Corner: Senator James Supports Students Advocating for Improved Conditions

Sen. James extended an invitation to the student leaders of the recent protest, provided they have their parents' consent, to testify at the legislature at a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Legislature Corner: Senator-at-Large Bolques Jr. Urges Swift Action to Address Landfill Fires

Senator-at-Large Angel Bolques Jr. reached out to all key stakeholders to organize a comprehensive plan to extend water lines to all landfills.


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