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Speaking as Chairperson of the Public Safety, Judiciary, Homeland Security & Justice Committee, Sen. Lorraine Berry stated today she is enormously pleased to observe that her March 12 scheduled committee with cruise ship officials may well have spurred the administration to now meet and discuss agreeable terms under which they will return to the Virgin Islands.
Upon receiving word that administration meetings are currently taking place, Berry, nonetheless, contacted cruise ship officials who declared they are still coming to the Virgin Islands and would still appreciate the opportunity to meet with lawmakers, perhaps at an informal working breakfast with all scheduled testifiers.
Berry said even though tedious efforts in scheduling a meeting agreeable to all officials has been pre-empted, she is amenable to this new arrangement if its conclusion redounds to the benefit of the Virgin Islands tourism market. In essence, and in quoting Shakespeare, Berry said "my prior arrangements don’t matter to me at all if it turns out that 'all’s well that ends well.'"

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