Waste Authority Names New Executive Director

April 13, 2005 – Sonya Nelthropp, who has been the Waste Management Authority's point person as the Virgin Islands tries to come into compliance with six U.S. Environmental Protection Agency consent decrees, won't be on the front lines much longer.
Nelthropp came to the Authority as interim executive director soon after it was formed in June of last year. (See "Winston Adams to Chair Waste Authority Board").
However, on Wednesday the V.I. Waste Management Authority came out of an afternoon-long, executive session and said it was accepting the recommendation of its consultants and hiring May Cornwall as executive director.
Winston Adams, chairman of the board, said three candidates had been considered for the job, including Nelthropp. He added, "All candidates were well qualified."
He said Cornwall was chosen based on "her past performance."
Nelthropp has been caught in a cross fire recently as the Waste Authority is trying to move ahead and build waste treatment facilities on St. Thomas and St. Croix to keep the Virgin Islands in compliance with the EPA orders.
Despite the fact that a contract has been signed and work begun on the St. Croix plant, many from St. Croix Environmental Association and Team St. Croix are protesting the plant. They want St. Croix to try an alternative method to the traditional sewage plant. The alternative constructed wetlands system would allow recycled water to be used for farming purposes, they say. (See St. Croix Source stories Groups Ask for Time to Investigate Wetlands Solution" ) and " Protesters Call for Alternative Wastewater Treatment") .
Cornwall has been president of the board of directors of the Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc. She was also the Water and Power Authority's Research and Grants Administrator.
Adams said that negotiations will now take place between the Authority and Cornwall to determine when she will begin work.
Voting for the hiring of Cornwall, besides Adams, were Keith Richards and Gloria Canegata-Waterman. The fourth member of the board attending the meeting – George Phillips – abstained from voting.

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