Friends of Public Libraries Announces New Web Site and Meeting

Jan. 12, 2006 – The Friends of the St. Thomas Public Libraries (FOSTPL) announces the release of its Web site: featuring its weekly newsletter, the Library News Report. The compiled newsletter monthly can be e-mailed to anyone interested, including schools. Just sign up for the organization's direct e-news updates at the site.
The Web site includes board members' e-mail contacts, the Friends newsletter, program descriptions, volunteering activities, membership forms, articles, a photo gallery, the 25th Anniversary 2007 Logo design, and how to donate. It has great photos and information about their programs, including the Enid M. Baa Public Library for the Saturday Children's Reading Program, Student Library Volunteers and the Annual Summer Reading Program. They also sponsor island-wide free bookshelves through post office drop boxes, and literacy programs through day care centers and the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital cart, according to a press release from the Friends.
The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m., at Lockhart Elementary School and is open to the general public. There will be refreshments.
The Friends is actively campaigning for a new central library for the residences of St. Thomas. Please join them in their 2006 marketing campaign by donating your time as a volunteer. It is also seeking financial donations for various programs and its general fund. Friends is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is asking that the public consider them for year-end tax-deductible donations.

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