Betrayed and Ignored by the Senate

Dear Source:

Betrayed. That's what we are. Pure and simple, betrayed by the egos of 14 people who let their power corrupt them. I do not for a minute believe that this vote to override the Governor's veto was based on anything other than a statement of power. I am sure that not all the senators were "on the take" on this, but St. Johnians were simply caught in a power struggle between the "we can do anything we want" senators and a Governor who is trying to bring much needed change to the Virgin Islands, and a rule of law rather than largesse.
The governor can select all the highly qualified leaders to head up departments. But these departments are leaden with deadwood that cannot be dumped. He can submit a budget, which takes into account the dire financial straights of the Virgin Islands, but be overridden by the spendthrift senate. These are mostly the same senators who have ignored the electorate's desire to reduce their number and roll back their ludicrous pay raises. Little surprise that they would slap St John in the face with Sirenusa. Unfortunately St John does not have enough voters to effectively get rid of these Judases who continue to betray all Virgin Islanders with second-class educations and first class fish fries. We need the help of thinking voters on St Thomas and St Croix. Not likely as the senate has already ruined those island's economies through their greed and petty squabbling. Now they set their sights on St John and the new Governor. Heaven help us.

John Fuller
St. John

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